Consomme garnished with stripes of pancake
Liver dumpling soup
Bohemian brown beer soup topped with cheese
Cream of garlic soup with bacon croutons
Cream of Pumpkin (in the warm season also served cold)


Venison Ham

smoked, served with garlic bread
Appetizer Plattersalmon, venison ham, game pâté and goat-cheese on lettuce with pumpkin seed oil
Mozzarella (cold)on a bed of tomato slices, with olive oil and oregano


Gourmet - Salatmixed salad with stripes of roast chicken (cold) with yoghurt dressing
Chef‘s - Saladmixed salad with stripes of cheese and tender ham, with yoghurt dressing
Tuna - Saladmixed salad with tuna, onion rings and  spicy cocktail dressing
Goat - Cheese - Saladwith goat - cheese and olives

SALM BRÄU RYE BREAD SPECIALITIES (warm): available with following toppings

Beer Spreadsecret recipe, hot and spicy
Smoked MeatPaste    toasted with cheese
Waldviertlerwith smoked farmhouse ham, tomatoes and herb butter
Mailändertoasted with ham, tomatoes, onion, pepper and cheese
Salamitoasted with salami, spinach and goat cheese
Tunatoasted with tuna, red onion rings sweet corn, tomatoes and cheese  
Garlic Breadtoasted rye bread with garlic butter
Brie Breadtoasted with fresh slices of pepper and French Brie
Toscanatoasted with broccoli,tomatoes, pepper, sweet corn & mozzarella


Vienna Sausageserved with mustard and bread roll
Weisswurswith original Händelmayer mustard and rye bread
Goulash (small)with boiled potatoes


Potato Fritterwith a spicy sauce
Small Spinach & Semolina Dumplingswith onions in cheese sauce
Mozzarella (cold)on a bed of tomato slices, with olive oil and oregano
Small Semolina & Egg Dumplingsserved with green salad
Spinatstrudelwith goat cheese and herb sauce on the side


Schinkenfleckerl (Austrian pasta with ham)topped with cheese
Lentils with Baconwith bread dumpling and sausage
Roast Porkwith bread dumpling
Beef Gulasch with bread dumpling
Bauernschmaus (Farmer´s banquet)smoked meat, sausages, roast pork, bread dumpling and beer cabbage
Portion Stelze Haunch of ham (one portion)with bread dumpling, beer cabbage, mustard and horseradish

(Monday to Friday from 16.00, Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays from 11.00)

Kloster - Pfandlfilet of beef in a creamy ham and mushroom sauce, with erb spaetzle (small flour dumplings), topped with touches of cream
Jäger - Pfandljuicy game stew with  red wine sauce with mushrooms and herb spaetzle (small flour dumplings)


Original Viennese Schnitzel (from vea)with parsley potatoes and cranberries
Fried Chicken Schnitzelbreaded, served with potato salad
Chicken Schnitzelwithout breadcrumbs    with boiled potatoes in parsley
Pork Schnitzelwith potato salad breaded and fried
Chicken Cordon Bleuwith potato salad


Tafelspitz (boiled filet of beef)with cream spinach and fried potato cake


Stelze (Haunch of ham)for two people with mustard and horseradish
Spare - Ribs
Spare - Ribsfor two
Spare - Ribs & Stelzefor four
all Spare - Ribs served with potato wedges and 3 Sauces

Sauce Bangoli (hot)


Cape Hake Filletwith boiled potatoes in parsley
Fried Cape Hake Filletwith potato salad

and for later ...

Vanilla ice dumplingswith apricotfilling (on demand)
Apple Strudelwith wipped cream
Strudel filled with sweetened curdswith vanilla sauce
Apricot Strudel with sweetened curdswith wipped cream
Vanilla icecream    with warm raspberries
Pancakewith apricot jam
Pancakewith sweet chestnut cream
Sweet Curd Dumplingson a bed of chilled strawberry coulis
Chocolate Puddingith chocolate and cream
Chocolate Puddingwith vanilla ice-cream, chocolate