Our beers are brewed according to the old traditional receipies and are combined with modern technologies. All our beers are authentical in taste, flavour, gravity, it´s proper raw materials and brewing technology. In our brewery a Pilsner Beer is a true Pilsner, using the original raw materials, the necessary brewing technology (double mash process instead of nowadays preferred infusion technology) and the original hops. Also the Weizen Beer at Salm Braeu is brewed according the old bavarian tradition, for that purpose we seperately transport a special yeast from the Brewery Aldersbach near Vilshofen in Germany to Vienna. From time to time we also offer very special beers like Cerveca Guarana, the power beer or Cerveca Mexicana, the best medicine for hot summer days.

The Salm Braeu PILS is brewed according the original receipie from Pilsen in the Czech Republic. Made from the finest original raw materials (malt from Stadlauer Maltfactory and Hops from Saaz and Hallertau) and the superbe water from the mountains near Vienna. An almost 8 hours process using the suffisticated double mash process is the basis. The hops is aromatic but not bitter like most of the north german Pilsner types, because the original Pilsner Urquell is not bitter, it just has more hops aroma. The full body taste together with the fine hops aroma closing, makes this beer very special. The original gravity is 12,5%, the alcohol 4,5%. One week of primary fermentation and three more weeks of storage time are necessary. This beer type fits perfectly to Fish and Ryebread toasts.
The Salm Braeu HELLES is the typical viennese beer type, less hops but a full bodied fruity arome, very soft to drink and always inviting to get more. A slight touch of hops aroma is left on the lips when beer started it´s way down. This beer is ideal for all kinds of food. The brewing process is a single decoction (single mash process) with 6 days fermentation, followed by 22 days storage time. The orignal gravity is 12% and the alcohol content 4%.
The Salm Braeu MÄRZEN was originally the typical Beer from Vienna. The red colour was significant for this type of beer, which has been taken to Munich later to be brewed as the Octoberfestbeer. It has a clearly more malt character, has a significant stronger full body nature and has less hops. Especially women, who don´t like the bitterness of stronger hoped beers, prefer this type and find their way to the enjoyment of full tasting beers. Even in these days, this beertype is known in the US as the "Vienna Red". The original gravity is 12,5%, der Alkohohe alcohol contentl 4,6%. It will be brewed with the double decoction process (double mash process), needs 7 days for primary fermentation and 21 days for secondary fermentation.
The Salm Braeu Böhmisch G´mischt (means bohemian mix) has it´s origin in the Czech Republic, like the Pilsner. The bohemian dark beer was the compensation to the more hops aromatic Pilsner beer. It was completely dark, no light went through. In the old times the beerpubs mixed this extremely dark beer with a pale beer type. We are brewing this beer type and don´t have to mix it at the bar. The dominating malt aroma remains but the run off is significantly slimmer than the dark beer. Because the special heating technology of our brewhouse, the intense caramel content of be malt does not overheat and therefore does not give the beer the carmel bitterness like it is a big problem at conventional brewhouses. Especially in the cold season this beer is very popular. The original gravity is 12,5%, the alcohol content is 4,6%.
The Salm Braeu Weizen is brewed according an old bavarian receipie, using 60% wheat malt and 40 barley. It is brewed with the use of the decoction brewing methode. One of the secrets of a good Weizen Beer is the choice of yeast. Like no other beertype, the weizen yeast is most responsible for the character of the beer, provides the fruityness and refreshing effect. But the frutyness should never lead to a typical dominating "banana aroma". The body of the beer results from the decoction brewing methode, which is much more suffisticated than the simpler infusion process, which is unfortunatly used by most of the giant breweries and also by most of the microbreweries. Normally Weizenbeers needs one week less for storage, but we maintain one week fermentation time and three weeks storage time. The original gravity is 12%, the alcohol content 4,0%. This is the perfect summer beer.